Thursday, July 29, 2010

June 21

hey there family.

well its been a crazy last 48 hours. i ended up spending

all day in manila for our pday. and i was up all night last night. ha. so

most of the americans in the mission had to go to manila today in ordeer to

get our finger prints and renew our visas. it was fun. so it started

yesterday we left infanta at like 2 in the after noon in order to make it

all the way to san pablo t o stay there for the night. so for the second

sunday in a row we werent able to work. last week we had the temple

dedication. then i was kept up all night by imature missionaries, which was

fine and by 4 in the morning we were on a bus to manila. as we drove into

manila it was like driving into a whole new country son\me parts of maynila

are way nice. so we got all our fingerprinting done and then we headed over

to this huge mall called the mall of asia. its like seriously the 2nd

biggest mall in the world. that was just unreal and is way nicer than

anything youll see in america. its gynormous! we ate at wednesday. weird

huh! yeah and the whole time i was chillin with elder liddle and we were

just cracking up a storm. he is the best! then i litterally just got back

here to siniloan like 30 minutes ago and the travelings still arent over cuz

we have to head back to our are in infanta tomorrow early morning. so the

day was super crazy and fun but tire too. i havnt got sleep the other two

night before too cuz we didnt have electricity for 2 days stright and so

meeaning no fan at night meaning no sleep either ha. but manila was cool and

the nxt time i will be there is when i am on my way home, huh... just over a

year. so also today while chattin with els\der liddle i found out about my

best investigator ever over in lopez. RAMIR. he got married to his wife on

my bday and they both got baptized on saturday! how awesome is that??? that

seriously is the best and i am way happy they got baptized! he seriously is

the most legit investigator i have ever found and i seriously find more joy

in knowing that he got baptized more than any of my on baptisms! he is the

best and when you guys come to pick me up i am taking you to him first! ha!

yeah so its sorta a bummer i was there to witness it but its just so coool

to now that i found him and worked way hard at him and now he is baptized

and a member of the true church! baboom! also i found out that a lot of

peaple from my first area have now been baptized including the whole family

of the 21 year old kid i baptized erwin. cool eh! so that was some way

awesome. as for our work in infanta it wasnt to pretty this last week but no

worries we are working hard to bring the elect to baptism. oh i got the

packages today but i still havnt opened it yet and i am really hopping there

is a depit card in there to get some cash. ok well thanks a ton i am stoked

to open it later. i am beat and need to sleep. enjoy california family and

enjoy home dad, hope your fathers day wasnt to harsh on you. love you all.

keep it going strong, never lose hope! peace out.



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