Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey there family. I hope ayou are kickin it and all is going well with the move. All is good here in lopez. The work really picked up this week and we found some good new investigators. We actually had one full work day without getting punted at all. It was good, but then the next day we gotted punted from all of our appointments. Haha but that’s alright. It was a good work week and me and elder liddle had a lot of fun. We did have a pretty dissapointing experience on Saturday night. We went over to our “cool” investigators house (ramir) and we found him there pretty drunk. Yeah it was real dissapointing and he was acteing like a completely different person. But he kept saying how he was sorry and how he hates the community he lives in cuz they just drag him into craap. He still has a huge desire to be baptized tho. Its gonna be a tough road to get him baptized but when he does it will be real special. We have some other real good progressing investigators that will be getting baptized in may. Hey well yesterday we taught one of our newr investigators. This guy is way nice and he had a stroke a whil back so he mumbles real bad when he speaks. Just imagine trying to speak to someone that had a stroke that mumbles and in a different language, ha. It was actually not hard tho, I just wanted to paint that picture in your head. Ok well the last bit of news I got is that I am already getting transferred this coming Friday. I just found out. Yeah I am atually sortta bumbed cuz I don’t want to leave this place yet. I have put a lot of work into this area and I was just getting close to seeing it all pay of in a few weeks. Darn it, there are 4 scheduled baptisms coming up and we will be giving like quite a few more baptismal dates this week. I really have some cool investigators here right now that I wont get to see baptized. (especialy ramir.) hey but as long as they get baptized, elder liddle will take care of them. So thaats aaall for me. I hope the moving is ok aand that you aare aall happy aand safe. I will talk to you aaaaaall next week. Love yaeah keep up the good work. Love yeahs,


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