Thursday, July 29, 2010



I am swell. As ma said I have now been a philippino for a year, weird huh? Yes I hit my year mark, and it was just a normal day. It was good. Now I only have like a year left. Hmmm, crazy. Well we had some good work this week. We got 5 peaple to come to church which is the most I have seen at church since like a long while. We also got some more investigators with baptismal gaol dates but we just have to get this people to come to church. Well it was a snazzy week. I don’t have much to say. One of or investigators is like a government officiall here in infanta so he gave us so cool yellow polos. Oh my old companion elder (friken) liddle is now my district leader, so that’s way cool! We bought ourselves a b-ball today so we don’t have to go searchin around every Monday when we want to play. We are gonna go ball it up later again. Its fun. Well I sent some photos so I am really hopin those make up for the crappy email. They do say that a piC is worth a thousand words so I think I just came up with a good excuse for th e lame letter. And now I will just keep typing and say whatever comes to mind just to make this email a tad bit longer so I don’t get any complaint. Oh one fun thing that I love doing is scaring all the pitifull dogs here in the Philippines. It all started back when me and elder liddle were comps, we would just allways have a killer time spookin those darn dogs, and the other day I spooked a dog and it was so scared of me that it ran in the middle on the road and sorta got hit by a scooter, hahaha. It didn’t really get ran over tho and it was fine, oh and don’t think of me as an animal abuser cus the dogs here aren’t really dogs, haha. You would know if you saw them, ha. Ok well that was random. Hmmm what else??? Nothing. I still gots to email my mission president. Hope you enjoy the dumb story. Love you all. Stay safe there and quit getting in car accidents! Love you all. The girl here is haggling me that my my time is up. Bye


thanks pops for the email. man are you alright? did you get an cuncussion or what? are you gonna have to do physical tharapy on yourself now? ha. i hope you recover weel. man your lives are just crazy wack over there. bummer that you wrecked your new porcshe. hey you shoulda sent me a pic of it before you wrecked it, ha. bummer man. yeah its weird i have been out a year. now. what should i do when i get back home, help me think cuz my mind is foar from that right now, ha. is brayden gonna play tackle, cool! brayden you are a nutt. when i get back i am gonna straight kick you in the nutts! sisipain ko ang bayag mo!!!! remember that, i would tell you that even before i left! ok well dad that would be nice if you sent the camera. sorry. thanks pops. keep it stizzy over there. love yoou all.

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