Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey there everyone?

Well another week of the mission has gone by. It was a good week but our work has been going a bit downhill lately but at the same time we seem o be finding some good new people. We basically aren’t teaching hardly anyone that we were teaching 2 weeks ago cuz stuff just came up and most of them stoped progressing or smething else got in the way of their progressing to baptism. So last week we worked very hard but seemed to get punted a lot and get more rejection than usually. It was a slow week in terms of numbers but we still woked our butts off. But its all good cuz we still really enjoyed our work and had a reall good week in terms of happiness. Ha. The lord is still in charge of the work and he is puttng us where we need to be. Also another great thing from the week was opening up my 3 b-day packages! Thanks a lot that made our week and we have had plenty of junk to snack on. You guys did great picking out random stuff to put in there, everything seemed to be in there including the debit card. I still havnt gotten the opportunity to use it yet but I will check some money out on Thursday. I might take a fat chunk out of it just so I have it stashed waay and since there is no atms in infanta. I will try to wright back t your letters quickly. Thanks a lot for the package, I really appreciate the thought you all putt into it and all the$$$ cash you put into it. Packages are the best. I should get the other one on Thursday at zon con. I like the flip flops, the little ctr rings( I am wearing one on my pinkie), the books, th fooooooooooooood, and I am excited to listen to the cds. Man I don’t now what to talk about. The beach sounds nice. You guys our lucky to be beaching in cali. I am sourounde by beaches but just cant swim, ha. Enjoy your vacation and be safe. Make sure you all get a long with one another ( mom and dad!) ha. I always testify people that one of the biggest reasons I came on a mission was to bring this gospel to the lives of other families because this gospel has strengthened my own family, so you guys are the example so you guys beterr get along so I am not a liar when I tell these other families here that my family is “matatag”( strong) because of this message. Ha ok??? Ok well enjoy life. Love and miss you all. Bye bye.




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