Thursday, July 29, 2010


hey there.

it was another good week! we had some fun and some good work and lessons. we sure walked in the rain a butt laod thanks to the bagyo's (typhoon) so that was fun but the lord blessed us for our effort. oh and not to mention we didnt have any umbrells. ha. i bought one for the first time last tuesday when the bagyo came and then it brok in like 2 days ha, so we were just litteraly walking in the rain. on saturday we were once again on a long walk to one of out investigators and its started pouring on us getting our books wet and all and by the time we got to our investigators house we looked like we just got out of the pool. it was cool. than our investigator was like said that we remainded him of himself when he was real active in his church and how he would walk in the rain too to church during rainy season. he gave a cool analogy of how as we as missionaries are in the service of god and walking in the rain it like we are literally washing away our sins. cool eh. he is a cool guy. that remainded me of scripture in like maybe d&c 62:3(somthing like that). then we had a reall good lesson with that family and then our way to our nxt appointment we were of course poured on again. the nxt lesson was even better and we taught about joseph smith using JSH and had a super good lesson and felt the spirit good. as i walked out of their house i was just greatfull to be a missionary and felt that the lord blessed us with 2 great lessons due to our effort. cool h? ok well what else3! oh about the storms! hey ma. dont worry nothin happend and we are safe! ha youy are a worry wart! its not even bad its just like a rain storm! quit your worrying woman! its not anymore dangerous here during a typhhon than it is anywhere else in the mission! this is the question... does rain kill??? no it doesnt so quit worrying. its seriously just like a rain storm! ha. hey but thanks it sound like you haver hooked us up with a call phone. me and elder roxas hve been thinking that we need one here in infanta. and plus it will be a huge help with the work and scheduling appointments. sweet thanks mom. oh and yes i do know sandy smith i have now known here for a year on thursday. we were in the same district in the mtc. she is cool and infamous in the mission. ha. i have a recent picture with here from a few weeks ago but the computer wont let me uplaod it off of elders camera. i will snd it nxt week. ok so that that. thanks for all of your uber coolness and for the emails from bray, cody, dad, and chantell, and of course mom. cody i bought you a cool brtacelet today and will send it eventually. hey, guess what/ i tyhink i might hit my year mark this week! whatthe frick. i am not sure tho, haaha. i better start working harder! "my life is like my shoes, wo9rn out in the service of my god" spencer w kimbal.... you should see my shoes!. k bye



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