Thursday, July 29, 2010


well it sounds like your week was a little wack, ha. sorry bout that. cody still seems t o be a bone thugg! sounds like he proly wrecked it worse than me. ha. darn! put that foo to work. ok well ma i got all your packages now. i got the cd player lik before last week but it got surged in the power socket here but i got it fixed last monday for like 4 bucks and its all good now. thanks for that. i have lisend to the cds and my favorite is the one you didNT spend money on, ha the iz cds, haha. but the other ones are good too. thats something you can send more of whenever you decide to send another package. cds. well our work week went well this week. we have been teaching a butt load of potential priesthood holdders lately which is way awesome. we have about 9 focuses this week and they are all guys like above 25. cool eh? so we only got 2 baptismal goal dates but we got a whole lot of potential right now. we still need to find more peaple tho like always. we had a one day mission here on saturday.( where all the missionaries fro the zone come to our area and do less active reactivatio work.) it started about 2 hours late cuz no members were showing up butt it ended up working alright and we had a few more peaple come to church yesterday. like 3 more, ha. we worked with our branch president, pres. lopez. and he is cool and fun. he is actually interneting with us right now cuz we are gonna go play bball again later. last week we played bball at some rugged run down court and it was way fun. i was super sweaty and exhausted but by the end of the game there was a crowd of like 40 plus. yeah it was good times. we are actually gonna go play again in like 20 minutes so i am stoked for that. so the work is well. i am gonna be training elder for another transfer so that is good aand i wont be transfered this week. i continue to love the work and try my best. all is swell! keep it stizzy over there. love each and everyone of you. hows the summewr going? hot? cold? stormy? oh and i witnessed green lightning the other night. no joke.l.. the lighti\ning storms here are legit. me and elder walked home at like 9 the other night in some of the hardest rain ever. we literally bathed in the rain. it wasa awesome. it beat the bucket shower, haha. k love yous. peace foos!...


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